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Book Reviewers Wanted!
The Oakesdale Library is looking for book reviewers to write a small review of a book they have checked out and read at the OSL.
Please email Mrs. Warwick a 1-2 paragraph book review that includes your name, grade, your opinion of the book, and what age group or grade level you think would benefit from reading it.
Each month one person will be chosen to win a $10 Dutch Bros. Gift Card.
December Book Review Winner
Logan Reed

John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men tells the story of two men, George and Lennie, trying to stay out of trouble long enough to make the money needed to buy their own property. Full of humor and suspense, Of Mice and Men is a must read for all high schoolers. Steinbeck is able to relate to all readers through the way in which he develops his characters, and the difficult predicaments he places them in. In addition, this book kept me guessing as to what would happen next until the very last page. While it is an easy read, there are many underlying components that make it perfect to use for your next book analysis. I highly recommend Of Mice and Men to any high school student.
December Book Review Winner
Emily Dingman
8th grade

Before I fall is about a high school girl who has everything; looks, popularity, and the perfect boyfriend. What is unexpected is that what should be a normal day in her life turns out to be her last. The book goes on about how she relives the day that she dies 7 times. While reliving these days, she learns how she dies, how many people she could have saved, and other life lessons. I would recommend this book to mystery and romance lovers.